City Curators (CC) are InArtist members who volunteer to create and lead InArtist Communities in their own city. Each City Curator manages a City Group (i.e. “InArtist Barcelona”) and organizes periodic InArtist “City Vernissage” events.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for anyone who can:

  • Find a venue where to host an InArtist event, define a date, and find at least 1 amazing artist as a speaker every 3 months
  • Consider this role as an opportunity to expand his/ her network and bring people together
  • Commit to manage event costs (e.g. venue rent expenses, welcome drink) and revenues (e.g. event entrance fees) in order to operate at least at break-even (i.e. revenues covering all costs)


  • Be in contact with local artists’ communities and able to bring people together
  • Ability to connect and communicate verbally and in writing with people from different background and cultures
  • Speak English and preferably the local language
  • Willing to learn, share and make new friends
  • Ability to organize and plan activities
  • Interested to be part of a site-initiative with big growth potential

Request process

  1. Verify here if there is no City Curator yet in your city
  2. Click the “Request form” button below
  3. Complete the related form
  4. You will receive an email with our feedback and further instructions
  5. We will schedule a video interview
  6. If successful, you will have access to our package as City Curator

In order to provide a quality experience to our members, InArtist Team will provide full support to the City Curators for the organization of events.


Each City Curator will:

  • be marked as special featured member in the InArtist platform
  • receive the full support from the InArtist headquarters
  • manage the incomes and expenses of his/ her City Vernissage events
  • be able to join the City Curators network. A special event will be organized at the beginning of 2019 to get all City Curators together.

Consider that:

  • we will accept only requests for cities with large metropolitan areas.
  • you will receive an economic incentive (based on criteria such as the number of guest artists, n. of attendees) for organizing the first event(s)
  • if you run the events properly, you should be able to earn profits. However, if you are looking for something to get rich, this is not the right place. The big value will come because of the networking you can create.

Make an impact and become the InArtist City Curator in your city

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