10 tips on how (not) to become an artist

by InArtist Team, 3 May 2018

Let’s talk about it, how leaving a job that you do not like and start doing what you really love, so you will feel free and never “work” anymore. Tips on how to become an artist with no regrets! WARNING: this post is not for everybody, it is just for few people. Most people would never do it and think it is something “crazy”. However, if you do not think so, please continue reading the article below and comment it if you have something worthy to say.

What? Starting a career as a freelance artist? You should probably be “crazy”. But why crazy?  Because the number of things you would need to start managing will increase exponentially. You will spend your time to look after a problem and then after another one, a never-ending story. It is like going to a boxing ring, getting knocked out, and then coming back asking for more punches!

Our 1st tip is: please DO NOT DO IT!

and our 2nd tip is RE-READ THE FIRST TIP!

3rd tip: what you love doing, it does not pay bills. This is the first risk to consider if you leave an unpleasant job for doing something you like. For instance, do you like playing basketball with your friends? Well, that’s something you love doing, but, unless you are a professional player or gambler, playing basketball with friends does not pay your rent!  It is like a loop: you leave something you do not like to do something you like, but at the end it results as something you do not like, because of economical issues. And then you can even think: “omg I should stop it, I wish I was still an employee!”

…if you want to become an artist, please think twice: do not do it!

4th tip is: not everybody can be an artist, so think if you can or not. You should avoid it, if you are thinking the following even before starting your new career: 1) Who can finance my project? 2) How many taxes should I pay? 3) How much bureaucracy will I face?  Well, if you firstly ask yourself this kind of questions, please do not change job. If these points are issues, you can imagine how you will react with the real issues, for instance finding your art style, how to promote your artworks, and finding customers. So if you are part of this group, please do not try to become an artist, drop it!

5th tip:  do not do it if you like having a fixed paid job. So please give up, find your permanent job, because being freelance means living with more doubts, and you can really get hurt.

5th tip:  do you like chess? I personally like chess because there are so many possibilities that can happen. However, the most important point is about strategy which makes this game so amazing. You can plan a strategy at the beginning, but after each move, you have to adapt you plan accordingly. And it teaches you a lot about any situational behaviors. If you want to be an artist, be ready to adapt your strategy after each move. Adaptability is probably the new competitive advantage.

6th tip: changing city or country can help your new career but it is not the solution of your problems. You will just find new issues, new bureaucracy, new people.

7th tip: based on my experience, you should start slowly, step by step. Do not try to implement a huge project from scratch, firstly test your talent online. If you are painting, show your artwork to your friends or post it online in some groups and get people’s comments. So better to start with small steps. Why? Because if something goes wrong, you have not lost so much. Also it depends on people, somebody can get big steps and succeed, however most people should make small steps or their failure could be big!

8th tip: be patient and persistent. You need to understand that you will need to pass by many steps. You cannot be a football star after few kicks. Talent is not enough, you need to be patient and persistent. It could take few days, few months, or few years. It is time consuming!

9th tip: be modest, never think that you know everything. You learn from anyone, from your neighbor, your baker, your mum …really anyone! Get more feedbacks as you can, they can always be useful. And socialize with other artists, it is good to get comments from people who have already faced the same issues.

10th tip: believe in your dream and do not give up. There is no magic formula, each person is different and can succeed or not. And you will feel alone many times, because at the end of the day, you are the one who should make the final move.

If you still want to be an artist, please re-read the whole post above! Just a little bit about my experience, when I decided to leave my well paid job as an employee, I only had my dream and wanted to follow it. So I started thinking a lot but what made me decide was the “inversion technique”: not thinking what happens if I try and fail. But thinking what will happen in my life if I do not try it now!

…the inversion technique: think what will happen if you do not try it!

I also saw other friends failing, and learnt so much from it. I really hope that people who did a similar path, will leave their comments below and say the truth. So we can help each other and leave some good tips to people who need it. Thanks a lot


Bonus tips: life is not a chess game! Nobody starts with the same pieces and aims to win with tactical moves. And learn about marketing and how to use social media. You can work hard and be the most talented painter ever, but it could not be enough: you need to promote your artworks…. even if something is changing: it is more and more about yourself, you would really need to promote you as a person, the way you talk and behave. For example, there are thousands of amazing painters, but why people should buy your paintings? Think well, if they like you as a person, your chances to succeed will increase exponentially

…talent and hard work are not enough, you would need to well promote yourself!

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    It works quite well for me

  2. Dewitt 7 months ago

    I enjoy the report

  3. Taj 8 months ago

    Thanks, it’s very informative

  4. Tom colin 8 months ago

    Being an artist or being a artist who compromises to please, sell and be popular. Choose, some have the natural ability to be both but not all of us have. If your work isn’t naturally popular choose if and how much you want to trade your integrity.

    • Author
      InArtist Team 8 months ago

      Thanks Tom for your comment, really a good advice

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